Empowering Women in Emergency Services: Our Specific Female-fit Uniform for Victorian SES Volunteers

Workwear Group Uniforms (WWGU) is proud to support our Victorian State Emergency Service (VICSES) volunteers through the supply of innovative and protective uniforms. In developing the uniform, we used in-depth wearer research and implemented changes based on feedback from real-life wearers.

SES Rescue Female Uniform

In December 2019, VICSES began their Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) & Equipment Redesign Project. A key outcome of the project was to modernise and improve the uniform design for their volunteers and ensure that it was fit for the duties and activities they carry out. 


During project workshops and feedback collation, it became evident that priority needed to be given to a female-fit offering, before   release of updated Protective Clothing for VICSES members, planned for 2023. VICSES wanted all members to feel supported, safe, and enabled to represent the organisation. Across their volunteer workforce, they have 1,700 female volunteers, making up 33% of their overall volunteers. 


“We have seen a huge trend in organisations reviewing the female offering, in particular industries that are physically demanding,” WWGU’s Head of Merchandise, Vicky Wynn-Williams, said. 


“With an increase in female recruitment, Workwear Group Uniforms are leading the way to support the female workforce, with a commitment to extend research both onshore and offshore to find the latest technology and innovation to develop uniforms that cater to all shapes and sizes.” 


Our Lead Industrial Designer, Mark Godoy, led the team in designing a range of female-specific garments that incorporated the latest technology for best construction, fabrication, and functionality. 


The uniform was rolled out in March 2022, with more than 720 members ordering the new female-fit Personal Protective Clothing. 


“The change in fit is significant and has enabled female members to feel comfortable in clothing that is designed with their shape in mind,” said Lynette Connor, VICSES Manager of Assets. 


This project was expedited to meet wearer demands while still maintaining functionality and quality. Workwear Group Uniforms was chosen as the preferred supplier for VICSES due to our high-quality product offering for female-fit designs and our ability to meet production capacity and timeframes. 

Design & Development of Specific Fit Uniforms


Design & Development of Specific Fit Uniforms

Innovating and developing uniforms to meet the needs of women, such as those in the army and emergency services.

Two versions of SES Rescue uniforms


Female-Specific Uniforms

In partnership with Victorian State Emergency Service (VICSES), Workwear Group Uniforms is set to unveil a female fit PPC (Personal Protective Clothing), the first of its kind for emergency service female volunteers.

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