Workwear Group Uniforms Joins Forces with Westpac and The Social Outfit to Empower Refugee Women Through Uniform Supply

Workwear Group Uniforms, supplier of uniforms for Westpac has collaborated with The Social Outfit to supply pocket squares and scarves to Westpac’s branch staff, The Social Outfit, an ethical fashion social enterprise, aims to train and employ refugee women.

WWGU Joins Forces with Westpac & The Social Outfit

As part of Workwear Group Uniforms’ solution to supply uniforms for Westpac, they have developed a relationship with The Social Outfit at the request of Westpac.


The Social Outfit will be supplying scarves and pocket squares for the Westpac branch staff, all of which are created by the women at The Social Outfit. The Social Outfit is a Westpac Foundation partner and registered charity, supporting migrant women who are largely unable to find working due to language limitations.  The women are trained in cutting, sewing and using pre-sewing machines. Working with fabric remnants donated by other companies they produce garments that are then sold, allowing them to earn a living wage.


The Social Outfit’s Chief Executive, Camilla Schippa, said it marked the largest business-to-business contract for the enterprise.


“This is such an exciting collaboration because we know there is only so much we can sell in our Newtown retail store and online,” Ms Schippa said.


This project has been a few years in the making.


“By stepping into the field of procurement through this arrangement, the increased revenue means we can confidently hire and empower more women.”


Workwear Group Uniforms’ General Manager, Matthew Blashki, said partnering with customers like Westpac provides a great opportunity to combine commercial and community impact.


“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working alongside The Social Outfit, guiding the team through the requirements, challenges, and benefits of establishing ‘bulk production’, and we’re looking forward to working with them well into the future on other products and programs,” Mr Blashki said.


“We are embracing this shift and conversations with our large customers like Westpac, so we can be part of more initiatives like this one.”


Workwear Group Uniforms has worked closely with The Social Outfit, providing them with guidance and information. The items need to have washing and care labels sewn on and to be packed individually before being boxed for delivery. WWGU also purchased the material and organised for it to be delivered directly to The Social Outfit.


To date, The Social Outfit has employed 101 refugee women and trained over 800 women in specialist sewing programs, while also saving over 14 tons of fabric from going to landfill.

Jetstar crew members with Genevieve Smart of Ginger & Smart


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Design & Development of Specific Fit Uniforms


Design & Development of Specific Fit Uniforms

Innovating and developing uniforms to meet the needs of women, such as those in the army and emergency services.

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